10,400 years of human habitation in the Bolivian Amazon


Heres an snippet (below) from the journal of Archaeology reporting on recent findings from forest islands in the Bolivian amazon showing evidence of human habitation at least as far back as 10,400 years ago, reflecting 6,000 years of human use.

For some relevant reading here’s a link to an article I wrote a while ago on the Domesticated Landscapes of Los Llanos de Moxos Bolivia. …. Also, look up the research/writing of Clark Erickson and William Denevan .

BERN, SWITZERLAND–Soil samples collected from forest islands in Bolivia’s western Amazon reveal that humans were living there as early as 10,400 years ago. Umberto Lombardo of the University of Bern and his team found freshwater snail shells in the older layers, and pottery, bone tools, and human bones in the outer layers. The mounds reflect a 6,000-year-period of human use. “We have discovered the oldest archaeological sites in western and southern Amazonia…

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