Chapter One of The Eye-Dancers . . .


It’s always nice to dip your feet into the water before jumping in, or take a sip of the soda before gulping it all down.  So, please consider this a sampling, an appetizer, if you will, of The Eye-Dancers.  Below is Chapter One of the soon-to-be-released young adult sci-fi/fantasy novel.  I hope you enjoy . . .

Copyright 2012 by Michael S. Fedison


Peering out his bedroom window, his eyes flattened into squinting slits, Mitchell Brant saw her.

“No,” he said.  “It can’t be her.  It can’t be.”

But it was.  She had come again.

He looked away, at the night-shadows on the floor, at the sheets jumbled and strewn on his bed.  Maybe she wasn’t really out there.  Maybe it was just an illusion, some odd distortion of the light.

He looked out the window.

She was still there.

He felt the fine hairs at the nape…

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