Report: Google smartwatch “heavy into” Google Now functionality


Google is putting the finishing touches on a smartwatch built around its Google Now service, reports 9to5 Google. Seth Weintraub notes his source suggests “Google Now functionality would be at the center of the product,” and that it would be happening “sooner rather than later.” The idea of a watch launch by month’s end — in conjunction with the new Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 — seem plausible, but does anyone want Google Now in a smartwatch?

I do. And if Google(s goog) does indeed build a smartwatch with Google Now as the core, I think many others will too.

I spelled this approach out nearly two months ago when I said that Google Now offers precisely the contextual information at a glance that could truly invigorate the smartwatch market. Most products in this space are simply a modern take on using the wrist as a second screen…

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