Help Make A Tabletop Coffee Brewer, Grinder, And Roaster A Reality


Meet the new definition of an all-in-one coffee machine: the Bonaverde. It not only brews and grinds coffee beans, the tabletop machine roasts them as well. Put unroasted coffee beans in the machine, press a button or two and 12-14 minutes later it produces truly fresh coffee. But the creators need help bringing the device to market and just launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking $135k in preorders and donations.

The last ten years saw the emergence of all-in-one coffee machines that grind and brew a pot of coffee. These can now be bought for less than $100. Obviously the Bonaverde will cost a bit more, because, you know, it also roasts the coffee.

For early Kickstarter supporters the Bonaverde can be had for $250, but the company expects to eventually sell the device for north of $400.

The process is pretty straight forward: Put the unroasted coffee in theā€¦

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