Clane Abbey

Ed Mooney Photography

Clane Abbey 1

Moving on just a short stroll from the ruins of the Franciscan Friary Lies an old church known as Clane Abbey. Initially both of these sites caused me some confusion, but a little research cleared this up. The Abbey’s connection with Christianity, predates the arrival St. Patrick. The original Monastery of Cluain Damh was founded by St. Ailbe, bishop of Ferns, in or around 520 AD, whom was followed by a  St. Senchall as the second abbot. With the arrival of the invading Normans, the celtic abbey went into decline, and the Friary built on the monastery grounds became the eclessiastical center in Clane.

Clane Abbey 2

Clane Abbey 3

 Located on the highest ground in the center of Clane we find the former parish church of St. Michael, known locally as Clane Abbey. To the east side of the former St. Michaels church, built against a free standing stone wall lies a Limestone table-top tomb…

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