Alausi y El Nariz Del Diablo

Adventures in Kevin's World

On the bus.  Mountains.  Always mountains.  Sometimes here I still say to myself “I’m in the Andes!”  Still a surprise.  Most of the mountains are given over to endless acres of food.  I am dismayed at the destruction of Ecuador’s natural environment, but can’t fault the people for trying to earn a living, and the patterns are beautiful.

Destination – Alausi.  Pronounced “Ah-lauw-SEE”.  After almost 3 weeks of studying spanish in the constant noise of Cuenca, it’s time for a break before I start again in Banos in 4 days.

I am here.  ‘Here’ being a small tienda (store) on the side of the highway, below the cemetery.  Town appears to be down.  I lack a hotel reservation, so I can’t easily ask for directions.

First impressions?  Not positive.  I hope it improves.  I find a hotel, and negotiate a rate.  Drop my bags, grab water and my camera, and…

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