Pope Francis Issues Manifesto About Church’s New Direction

CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The pope once again surprises his followers with a manifest that describes the direction he’s taking the church.

Monique Griego has local reactions to a very controversial letter.

Eight months into his headline-grabbing papacy, Pope Francis is once again surprising and even shocking some of his followers with a new document. In it, he slams excessive capitalism, growing inequality and calls on people—including priests—to get out into the world and do more for the poor.

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“They’ve been concerned with the technicalities, with the rules and regulations. He’s going back to the gospel message of love one another, concern for everyone, whether you’re a sinner or a saint,” said Catholic parishioner John Murphy.

Pope Francis released the 84-page document, titled “The Joy of the Gospel,” earlier this week. While it doesn’t offer new doctrine, it outlines his priorities and passions, which includes a…

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