Women on Corporate Boards: Do They Make Men THAT Uncomfortable?


New research released last week by the University of British Columbia shows that having women board members has a substantial and positive effect on a firm’s value by reducing the cost and volume of acquisitions. This follows years of research by Catalyst showing that companies with three or more women on their boards outperform those without, to the tune of 53% uplift in returns on equity, and 66% on capital. Another report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute shows that businesses with women on their boards outperformed comparably sized companies with all-male boards by 26 percent.

One must wonder with all this data how smart is everyone not listening to it. You’d think that investors would demand to see more women on boards. But in fact, nothing is changing. Women hold less than 17% of Fortune 500 board seats. And that percentage has stayed flat for seven years now. Fifty…

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