Widespread Apple App Store Search Rankings Change Sees iOS Apps Moved Over 40 Spots, On Average


Apple has again tweaked its iOS App Store algorithms, and the changes have brought about widespread search ranking changes across both iPhone and iPad devices. That’s search rankings, to be clear – meaning where an app is returned when a user searches for a particular keyword, like “music” or “banking,” for example, in the App Store. In other words, it’s not “ranking,” as in where an app lies on the App Store’s top charts.

The change was first spotted by app marketing tools provider MobileDevHQ, which keeps a close eye on factors that would affect App Store Optimization, or ASO as it’s often called. (Basically, that’s SEO for mobile app store search).

The company says the change occurred between 12/11 and 12/12, and is affecting both iPhone and iPad applications. The average ranking change they saw was 41.5 positions, which is 8 times the normal ranking change seen on…

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