Winter Catalog Feature: Doc & THE VALLEY OF AMAZEMENT


Doc “The Dazzling” – Second Floor Inventory Manager
Book: The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan

“Lately I have been roaring for art that demonstrates a practical understanding of influences on the identity of women across history. The Valley of Amazement is the perfect canvas for Amy Tan to shed light on the cultural trends affecting women in both Asia and America at the turn of last century, and to celebrate all the power women enjoy and the weaknesses with which we struggle on a global level. Tan has outdone herself by weaving a tale of love and discovery in the veiled world of courtesan lovers. It’s coquettish, intimate, painful, inspiring and joyous. From clever entendres to choking heartbreak, Tan doesn’t miss a beat.”

Six word autobiography: Daytime bookseller, nighttime acupuncturer, all-time woman!

Favorite word: Svelt

Least favorite word: Frumpy

The book in your house you would save in a…

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