Krkonoše Mountains


The Krkonoše mountains (Karkonosze in Polish), or the “Giant mountains”, lie in both the north of the Czech Republic and south-west of Poland. The upper range is part of a national park and its highest peak is known as Sněžka, or “snowy top”, which I (partially) climbed back in the summer of 2010.

We started our hike from the town of  Pec pod Sněžkou, where a chairlift took us up towards the peak after a long, but sunny wait in line. Walking the last bit up to the summit, we reached the highest point of the mountain. We could see Poland in the distance, as the Czech-Polish border runs along the main ridge. After, we began our long hike back down.

This is when I took these photos. I wish I had had enough guts to take a few photos whilst we were dangling above the deep “abyss” in our chairlift…

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