the national aquarium in baltimore

nomad, interrupted

Thursday, December 19:  The sign on the counter at Baltimore’s National Aquarium features The Great Salmon Run 4D Experience.  At the bottom of the sign is the price: $5.  I ask the ticket saleswoman, “How late does the aquarium stay open?  What time does this film start?” as I pull out my wallet.  She says that film isn’t playing any more today; the only showing remaining today is Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas 4D at 4:15, and the aquarium closes at 5:30, with 4:00 the last entrance time; it’s 3:30 at this time.  I guess I’m not listening very well, because I’m thinking I’m going to pay for the Salmon film. I pull out my wallet.

I take out the remaining cash in my wallet after having spent most of what I had at the Christmas market.  I carefully count out five ones, leaving me $3.  I say…

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