5 Social Media Predictions for 2014



Happy 2014.

I’m still disappointed that we don’t have flying cars and robot servants yet, but I’m hoping we make strides this year. I’m also hoping we get smarter about the environment and how to remove big money from politics.

But I digress. Let’s talk social/digital media instead.

Here are three predictions for the social and digital media industry in 2014.

1. Content Distribution is Elevated to a Must-Have

2013 was the year of content creation. Brands still need to create powerful content, but more emphasis will be placed on distributing that content. It’s no longer effective to simply publish content on social channels and wait for an audience to arrive. Think about it like this. Book publishers don’t just publish books – they market them. Film producers don’t just create movies – they market them.

The same holds true for digital content. Brands need a sophisticated distribution plan to…

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