Watch How SmartThings Can Help Jumpstart Your Day


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It’s CES 2014, and once again, SmartThings has taken over an entire house in Las Vegas to showcase all the cool things you can do with its home automation platform. Last year, when we visited the SmartThings house, the company didn’t have any actual products on the market.

Well, a lot has happened since then — it’s shipped the first generation of SmartThings products to its Kickstarter backers, it’s launched a whole new app to make it easier to get your house up and running, and it’s signed up more than 5,000 developers making hardware and apps that work on its platform.

This year, when we stopped by the new SmartThings house, we got to see exactly how far it’s come. That starts with the app that powers it all. SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson gave us a demo of how users can quickly get up and running…

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