Beethoven boost: Classical music may help younger children concentrate in class, U.K. experts say

National Post | Life

Exposing children to Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn and Mendelssohn at a young age can boost their concentration and self-discipline, new research suggests.

[np_storybar title=”Nursery school, nanny care linked to children’s behavioural problems, hyperactivity: U.K. study” link=””]
Children who spend time in nurseries or with nannies are more likely to develop behavioural problems such as hyperactivity, a major study in the U.K. has found.

Academics at Oxford University discovered that exposure to some forms of early education contributed to bad behaviour and could be linked to emotional problems later on.

The study, based on an analysis of infants from almost 1,000 families, showed that the strongest influence on children came from within the home itself. Children raised in poor families with high levels of parental stress or mental health problems were most at risk of emotional problems by the time they started school.

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Allowing students as young as seven…

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