Old Mars Rover Finds New Signs of Life

Science & Space

Just about all the important news from Mars over the past year and a half has come courtesy of the six-wheeled, instrument-laden, SUV-size Mars Science Laboratory, better known as the Curiosity rover. Almost from the moment it executed its improbable plunge to the surface in August of 2012, Curiosity has churned out one important result after another—including evidence of an ancient, rushing stream; a small but measurable amount of water bound up in Martian soil; strong evidence for a previously life-friendly environment in sediments from a dried-up lake—and of course, a rich gallery of amazing images.

But while Curiosity has been getting all the glory, one of its older cousins is still chugging along gamely, a full ten years after it began its own crawl across the Martian surface. And for a few days, at least, the venerable Opportunity rover has been stealing back…

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