Game Frame Puts Pixel Art On Display In The Coolest Possible Way


Displaying pixel art at larger sizes in your house can be as simple as making a large print, but that means you’re stuck with a single image. San Francisco’s Jeremy Williams wants to make something a little more dynamic, so he has created the Game Frame, a square box with 256 LED lights that’s designed to make it easy to show off pixel art and OG video game art.


The Game Frame calls to mind a simpler time, when we used graph paper to create most digital art, and if you could assemble colored squares, you could help build a AAA video game title. It’s also a modern interpretation, however, and a way to display either your own original creations or those that live in your fondest memories.


Pre-installed on the Game Frame are 40 new animations from pixelart legend eBoy, but you can easily move your own over…

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