Rolls-Royce’s Drone Shipbots Will Rule Tomorrow’s Oceans, Shipping Containers


If you’re rooting for the drone team, then chalk up another win: Rolls-Royce is working on unmanned cargo ships, that would roam the Earth’s oceans packed with crates of goods, controlled by captains safe on shore using virtual reality facilities to pilot their fleets. In other word’s, tomorrow’s salty tales of ghost ships with no one left on board could be all too verifiable, and hardly cause for alarm.

Bloomberg reports on the project, which aims to make the seafaring shipping industry safer, less expensive and easier on the environment. The market is worth $375 billion annually, and despite our mastering of flight, we shill ship 90 percent of traded goods over the waves, according to the article. These automated versions would aim to make that huge volume safer and more efficient, but of course it’ll have to contend with a variety of concerns first, including worries about safety…

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