Eggs, More Fun Than Bacon

Clay Center Ed-Ventures

It’s March! And here at the Clay that means eggs. Forget warm weather and flowers, forget lions and lambs; instead, think of the egg and how this versatile breakfast food is also all kinds of science fun!Egg sign

Yes, in the Cavern of Time, you can join us for Egg-sciting Science our latest Milton’s Marvels of Science demonstration. Messy? Absolutely. More fun than eating bacon? Probably.

I’m going to give you two experiments today and debunk a myth!

Eggs: 6 Raw and 1 Hard Boiled

Egg carton (to fit six eggs, can be cut down to size)

Experiment 1: Egg Spin
So, the first thing you need to do is hard boil one egg. Have students see if they can determine, by visually and physically examine, the eggs which is raw and which is hard boiled.

Now, take your hard boiled egg and your raw egg and give them a spin. Have…

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