NONE OF THE ABOVE: Predict Outcome of Simple Experiments (Sneak Peek Video)


Cool experiment from Nat Geo's new series "None of the Above" Cool experiment from Nat Geo’s new series “None of the Above”

Do you like bar games, or fun scientific experiments?  Then you’ll enjoy the new show on National Geographic,  NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Host Tim Shaw leads perfect strangers, through a multiple choice of possible answers to man-on-the-street experiments about everyday things like:

What’s more difficult to crack? A block of ice, that same ice with steel laced through it or the block of ice with cotton balls frozen inside? Watch a bit of that experiment in the video posted below.

Tim Shaw does a great job of breaking down the physics of each experiment and no one walks away without knowing how it all happened. They might still scratch their heads and wonder why it works that way, but they know they’ve seen something that isn’t magic.

That’s important to understand. This is not a series of magic tricks…

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