A diet that works…


…actually exists. (And it is as simple as: eat a little less*, move a little more)

It does, but the results won’t be instant. There will be times when you need to say no, but you can enjoy your food too.

I can’t cover this in one post, so I’ll call this Part 1, and I’ll start with some shocking truths.

There are plenty of ‘conspiracy theories’ about the government, aliens, health providers and pharmaceutical industry: I’d like to draw your attention to a real conspiracy:


What your body needs is pretty much the same for everyone: enough energy and the right types of nutrients (and fibre) to allow repair and growth. There is so much gobbledygook and it is all there, distracting people from what really works.

Let’s look at how they do it:

Let’s start with the marketing. The underlying message is always:

“You’d be…

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