Scientists Discover A Process That Regulates Forgetting

ScienceQ publishing Group

Where did I park the car? What time is my dentist appointment? Did I lock the doors? Oh no, it’s Mom’s birthday tomorrow! We are all very familiar with forgetting. It’s incredibly frustrating, and sometimes it seems like your brain just isn’t working. But it turns out that forgetting is just important as remembering; and it’s actively regulated. Forgetting ensures that unnecessary information is removed from the brain, and is critical for its normal functioning.

In a study published last week in the journal Cell, scientists searched through potential genes in the roundworm C. elegans in order to find a likely candidate involved in forgetting. They subsequently discovered a gene that produces a particular protein, called musashi, that was found to be critical for time-dependent memory loss. In a learning task investigating the movement of these animals in response to either attractant or repellant odorants, they found that the…

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