I Want My Warp Drive and I Want it Now!



I ran across some interesting news recently proclaiming the design of a Warp Drive Starship as a work in progress by NASA (see here and here).  While the graphics look pretty sharp, don’t start studying for your Star Fleet entrance exams just yet.  This is merely a public relations teaser; there are some potentially difficult problems to solve before star ships become a reality.  For fun let’s assume that we have a warp drive that follows the parameters laid out in the articles – we can attain an apparent velocity of ten times the speed of light.  That would give us about a two year trip to the nearest known potentially Earth-like planet (Gliese 682 b).

One big problem that is generally ignored or brushed over as a minor, easily solved issue is the supply of food, water, and air to maintain the crew for the voyages.  In SciFi books and movies…

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