Nighttime Smartphone Browsing Is Bad For Your Job


We all already know it, but now it’s confirmed: nighttime smartphone use will ruin you the next day, reducing your productivity and focus after you wake up. Michigan State University business researcher Russell Johnson and his team produced a survey of American workers, asking how often they checked their phones after 9pm and how they felt at work. In short, they found correlation between late night smartphone use and performance.

The survey assessed “mental depletion/fatigue using a validated survey that participants completed the following morning” and noted focus and attention span.

“Smartphones are almost perfectly designed to disrupt sleep,” said Johnson. “Because they keep us mentally engaged late into the evening, they make it hard to detach from work so we can relax and fall asleep.”

Johnson asked managers as well as a broad sample of U.S. workers about their late night habits. It seems that using a smartphone can…

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